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Chicken Invaders Game PC For Full Version

Chicken Invaders is a series of shoot em up video games, developed by Interaction studios and released for Microsoft windows, OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, and Android Platforms. There are five games in the series. The main theme of the game is a battle between a lone combat spacecraft and a technologically advanced race of space faring chickens, who are intent on subjugating (and later destroying) Earth. The games make heavy use of humor, especially in the form of Parodies of Galaxian, Star Wars, Space Invaders and Star Trek. You can download to Metal Slug 2 by Clicking on this link.

Chicken Invaders Game Screenshot For PC:

Chicken Invaders is the first game in the series. it is both a single player and two- player game. The player takes control of a lone spacecraft, and must protect earth from swarms of invading chickens. The game features weapons power-ups that resemble gift boxes, and the player can use these to upgrade their weapons. Chickens drop eggs which must be avoided, otherwise the player will die if they collide with these projectiles. Chicken drumsticks fall from the Chickens when they’re Killed, and if the player collects enough of these they earn a missile. These missile can than be used to wipe out everything (except the player)on the screen. The game also features unlimited levels. In each level, there are 10 waves, and at the end of every level is a boss, which must be defeated in order to advance(or warp) to a new system.

The game play is endless, so there is no ending to the game; it continues on and on, until the player has finally lost all of their lives and the game is over. The difficulty increases each time players advance to a new level:the enemies move or fall faster, and objects like asteroids move faster, too. There are no holiday editions of this game; this is the only game that has no Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving Editions made for it. This is also the only game in the series that hasn’t been ported to other platforms.

Chicken Invaders: is the fourth game in the series and is similar to Revenge of the Yolk. It has 120 waves across 12 or 13 levels. it includes weapons which can be upgraded through 20 power levels. The weapons from Revenge of the Yolk are available as unlockables. Ultimate Omelette unlockables can be purchased individually by Collecting keys, which are dropped from destroyed enemies during the coures of the game. Key – dropping enemies develop a gold halo and must be killed quickly.

The player must also watch the temperature gauge in the top-left, if the player overheats the spacecraft cannot shoot for a few seconds before returning to nominal performance. A new feature in this game is the capability of the player’s spaceship to face in any direction depending on the level(it was always facing up in previous games) and the camera can also zoom in or out depending on the wave (boss fights typically )have the camera zoomed out to contain all the action).

How to install

installation proces is very easy, just need to understand the way of installation. You must have torrent software are before installation. It is necessary for this.

  1. Downloading game file
  2. After Downloading, open folder and extract it
  3. Play and Enjoy it
  4. That’s it

follow these steps, if you have an problem you can ask inside the comment, section it try of solve you problem as seen possible.

system Requirement:

Operating system = Windows 7+8, Windows Vista, Windows xp 32 and 64 Bit
Processor = Pentium 4
Ram= 128 MB
Hard Disk = 100 MB
Graphic Card = 128 MB

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