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Hitman Codename 47 Game Download For PC

Hitman: Codename 47 is a stealth video game developed by IO interactive and published by Eidos Interactive exclusively for Microsoft windows. it is the first installment in the Hitman video game series. The story centers on Agent 47, a genetically enhanced human clone branded with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head, who is rigorously trained in methods of murder. Upon escaping from a test facility, 47 is hired by the Agency, a European contract killing organization. His mission takes him to several locations in Asia and Europe to assassinate wealthy and decadent criminals. You can download to Resident Evil 5 Game Clicking by on this link.

Hitman Codename 47 Game Screenshot For PC:

Hitman: Codename 47 takes place from a third person perspective, but the control setup is similar to a first person shooter as 47’s movements are restricted to turning, strafing and moving forward. Each level takes place in an open environment which is populated with non-player characters such as civilians and armed guards. Although mission criteria may vary, the goal is generally to find 47’s assigned target and kill them by any means possible. Though the path may appear linear, it is possible through various ways to accomplish the mission and approach a target directly without eliciting a violent reprisal. The game essentially emphasises stealth and silent kills without raising alerts, giving the player a higher financial reward for doing so. Penalties in the form of financial deductions are given, for example if the player kills civilians, but none if guards are slain. As the money is used to purchased weapons and ammo during the course of the game, this pressures the player to utilise stealth, disguise and melee based mechanics for the most cost effective method to take out targets.

The player can peek around corners by using the lean function, which prompts 47 to tilt slightly to one side. 47 is able to climb ladders, but cannot defend himself with a weapon while doing so. In addition, he is only able to jump from one balcony to another. There is an on screen cursor to indicate in which direction 47 will attack. The heads up display includes a life bar which measures 47’s health, ammo capacity, Kevlar durability, and the current item selected. Alert messages sometimes appear next to the health readout. These occur whenever discover a body on the map, or if 47 falls under suspicion. 47’s weaponry consists of various short and long range firearms, a garrote wire, and a knife. Handguns generally have excellent range, while automatic rifles and machine game decrease in accuracy the farther away 47 is from his target. 47 can also equip himself with a sniper rifle, concealed in a special suitcase, which must be reassembled before he may use it. Once he is finished with the rifle, 47 can take it apart and place it in the suitcase once more.

Disguise plays a large role in game play. Any time a non-player character is killed, 47 may take their clothes and impersonate them. This is necessary to access restricted areas where only guards may enter. At the start of each level, 47 begins in a default costume. This costume is his trademark suit and red tie which is folded and left on the ground whenever 47 changes clothes. The player may replace 47’s outfit with a previous one by simply approaching them and selecting the option to change. In the event that 47 adopted the clothes of someone he has slain, his disguise will be compromised as soon as the body is discovered. 47 creates sound while walking which will alert any hostile characters in the facility. To move without being detected, the player can use the sneak function, which causes 47 to crouch and move in a stalking manner. Sneaking also allows 47 to retrieve a weapon from his inventory without anyone hearing it; if 47 is standing upright when the player pulls out a weapons, it will alert nearby characters. Characters who are dead may be dragged at any time. If anyone on the map spots a body sports a body lying on the ground, it will create unwanted attention for 47. when dragging, 47 lifts up the closest available leg or arm and begins to hoist it away as movement is directed by the player.

In the basement of a remote sanatorium, a bald man, referred to as subject 47, is awakened by an unidentified man over a loudspeaker. Following the man’s instructions, the subject completes an obstacle course, undergoes firearms training, and practices various assassination techniques. He than ambushes and kills a guard, using his uniform to escape. The man watches him through the CCTV surveillance, with a satisfied laugh. A year later, the Subject resurfaces as a Hitman for the international contract agency (ICA), under the designation Agent 47. He is briefed by his handler, Diana Burnwood, who sends him to Hong Kong to kill triad leader Lee Hong.

How to install

installation proces is very easy, just need to understand the way of installation. You must have torrent software are before installation. It is necessary for this.

  1. Downloading game file
  2. After Downloading, open folder and extract it
  3. Play and Enjoy it
  4. That’s it

follow these steps, if you have an problem you can ask inside the comment, section it try of solve you problem as seen possible

system Requirement:

Operating system = Windows 7+8, Windows Vista, Windows xp 32 and 64 Bit
Processor = Core 2 Duo
Ram= 1 GB
Hard Disk = 6 GB
Graphic Card =128 MB

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