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Tekken 3 Game Download For PC

Tekken 3 is the third installment in the Popular Tekken Fighting game series. it was released in arcades in March 1997, and for the Play Station in 1998. Tekken 3 was the first game released on Namco System 12 hardware an improvement over the original two Tekken games, which used System 11. It was also the last installment of the series released For the first Play Station. The game features largely new cast of characters, including the debut of several now-staple characters such as Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Julia Chang and Hwoarang, with a total of twenty three Characters. The home version included a new beat’em up mode called Tekken Force, as well as the bonus Tekken Ball mode. Tekken 3 is widely considered one of the greatest games of its genre, and of all time. With more than 8.5 million copies sold worldwide, Tekken 3 is the fourth best selling Play Station game of all time. A non-cannon sequel was released in 1999 and 2000 in arcades and on the Play Station 2 respectively, titled Tekken Tag Tournament. It was followed by the Cannon Sequel Tekken 4 in arcades and on the Play Station 2 in 2001 and 2002, respectively. You can download To Peggle Deluxe Game By Clicking on this link.

Tekken 3 Game Screenshot For PC:

Tekken 3 maintains the same core fighting system and concept as its predecessors, but brings many improvements, such as Significantly more detailed graphics and animation, fifteen new characters added to the game’s roster, more modern music, and faster and more fluid game Play. Perhaps the most noticeable Change fromm Tekken 2’s Fighting system is movement reform whereas the element of depth had been largely insignificant in previous Tekken games (aside from some characters having unique sidesteps and dodging maneuvers), Tekken 3 added emphasis on the third axis, allowing all characters to sidestep in or out of the background by lightly pressing the arcade stick (or tapping the controller button in the console version) towards the corresponding direction. Another big change in movement was that jumping was toned down, no longer allowing fighters to jump to extreme heights(as was present in previous games), but keeping leaps to reasonable, realistic heights.

This made air combat more controllable, and put more use to sidestep dodges, as jumping no longer became a universal dodge move that was flying above all of the ground moves. Other than that, the improved engine allowed for quick recoveries from knockdowns, more escapes from tackles and stuns, better juggling(as many old moves had changed parameters, allowing them to connect in combo situations, where they wouldn’t Connect in previous game), and extra newly created combo throws.

Tekken 3 was the first Tekken to Feature a beat’em up minigame called Tekken Force, which pitted the player in various stages against enemies in a side scrolling fashion. if the player succeeds in beating the minigame Four times, Dr. Bosconovitch would be a playable character( after the player defeats him). This was continued in Tekken 4 and succeeded by the Devil Within minigame in Tekken 5, but Boskonovitch was dropped as a playable character after Tekken 3 until the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There is also a minigame Tekken Ball, similar to beach volleyball, where one has to hit the ball with a powerful attack to hurt the opponent or try to hit the ball in such a way that it hits the ground in the opponent’s area, thus causing damage.

Due to the time skip in the story, the game features only six characters from the previous two games; Anna Williams ( who serves as palette swap of Nina in the arcade version), Heihachi Mishima, Lei Wulong, Nina Williams, Paul Phoenix, and Yoshimitus While removing Marshall Law, Jack 2, Beak Doo San, Armor King, King 1, Kuma 1, Bruce Irvin, Roger, Alex, Ganryu, Lee Chaolan, Kunimitsu, Wang Jinrei, Devil, Angel Michelle Chang, Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama and Prototype Jack.

How to install

installation proces is very easy, just need to understand the way of installation. You must have torrent software are before installation. It is necessary for this.

  1. Downloading game file
  2. After Downloading, open folder and extract it
  3. Play and Enjoy it
  4. That’s it

follow these steps, if you have an problem you can ask inside the comment, section it try of solve you problem as seen possible.

system Requirement:

Operating system = Windows 7+8, Windows Vista, Windows xp 32 and 64 Bit
Processor = 600 mhz
Ram= 64 MB
Hard Disk = 200 MB
Graphic Card = 16 MB

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