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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 3 Game For PC

 This product is also presented by Rock Star games. It is first game of Rock Star with first person mode and third person mode. After this product Rock Star made many successful products. This is an initial stage for them. It is full of action and adventure. Player can play story mode or free mode. Product is made on reality things. Real map introduced in the product. It was released on October 2001.

GTA 3 Screenshots

 In the screenshot you see that player cars public crowds. In the upper right side five stars which shows the police density after you. Red heart shows the health bar. Green heart shows the armor protection player wearing. Blue color is money that player can earn through different jobs. White color shows the time of game.

 In the screenshot you see that all kinds of things available in the installment. Cars bikes planes boats are all available in the product. Clubs are also for player for relaxing. Player can steal the cars. Player can robs the banks. Player can also perform police jobs, hospital jobs, fire department jobs to earn extra money. You can get more games of that series as well and there is latest version of the series that is GTA 5 Download.

Player is a thief in the game. He can do every work to earn money. Stealing killing smuggling are favorite work. In the screenshot you see player carry a gun and police is after him. Police also calls the helicopter for their help. Helicopters and vehicles are also destroyed by firing at them.

Features of GTA 3 PC Game

Action and Adventure
Many Characters
Customized Vehicles
Heavy Weapons
Better Graphics
Work to Earn Money
Work for bosses
New York city map


Operating System: Window XP + Window 8 + Window 8.1 + Window 10
RAM: 512 MB
Hard: 1 GB
Processor: 1.2 Ghz

How to work

Click on the below link. Download the file. Extract the file. Enjoy.

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