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The Sims 1 Game Download For PC

The Sim Game Full PC

The Sim Game Full PC   
The Sims is a life simulation video installment series, developed by EA Maxis and Published by Electronic Arts. it is one of the best selling video  series of all time. As of September 2013, the franchise has sold more than 175 million copies worldwide.The Series was created by Maxis, before the development of the series transitioned to this installment studio between 2006 and 2008. This installment is Studio later reintegrated into the refreshed EA Maxis label in 2012, where it continues to be developed by both teams. These series in this Series are largely Sandbox installments, in that they lack any defined goals except for some later expansion packs and console versions which introduced that game play style. The player creates virtual people called this installment name which is mentioned and Places them in houses and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Player can either place their installment in pre constructed homes or build them themselves. Each successive expansion pack and product in the series augmented what the player could do with their installment. You can download sims 4 game from here by clicking on this link.

Download The Sims PC Game Screenshots:

Sims Game Full Version

Sims Game Full Version
 Product designer will wright was inspired to create a virtual doll house after losing his home during the Oakland firestorm of 1991 and subsequently rebuilding his life. Replacing his home and his other possessions made home think about adapting that life experience into a installment. When he initially took his ideas to the Maxis board of the directors, they were skeptical and gave little support or financing for the product. The directors at Electronic Arts, Which bought Maxis in 1997, Were more receptive Sim City had been a great success for them, and they foresaw the Possibility of building a strong Sim franchise. Will Wright has also stated that This product was actually meant as a Satire of U.S Consumer Culture. Wright also took ideas from the 1997 architecture and urban design book A pattern Language, American Psychologist Abraham Mallows 1943 Paper A Theory of Human Motivation and his hierarchy of needs, and Charles Hampered Turner Maps of the Mind to develop a model for the product artificial intelligence.

Download The Sims Game Free

 Graphic of this installment is to much impressive and sound quality is better then others.This installment is the first installment in the series. Developed by Maxis and Published by Electronic Arts, it was released for Microsoft Windows in February 2000. This installment uses isometric Projection and features open ended simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual Persons in a suburban area near sim-city. Seven expansion packs and two confide deluxe editions with exclusive content have been released for this installment.

Download The Sims Game Setup

Download The Sims Game Setup
 It was repackaged in several different formats, and different versions of it were released on several different platforms. By March 22,2002, This installment had sold more than 11.3 million copies worldwide, surpassing Myst. as the best selling PC game in history. The original installment, all seven expansion packs, and the two exclusive deluxe edition content packs constitute the first generation of the series on the PC. All PC released in this generation were developed by Maxis.

Download Sims Game For Torrent

Download Sims Game For Torrent
This installment stories is a series of computer installment form the Sim series released in 2007-2008 that is based on a modified version of The Sim  engine. This modified installment engine is optimized for Play on Systems with weaker Specifications such as laptops. As such, its system requirements are lower than that of the Sim but it can still be played on desktops. One feature of this product, if played on a laptop, is the auto pause function, which stops and starts this installment when the lid is closed and Opened respectively. This series is introduced mainly for three segments of the market those who wish to play the Sim on their Laptops those who wish to engage in other activities such as instant messaging while playing the installment, and those who are new to the franchise in addition to a free play mode with classic open ended game play, the installment also contains a structured linear story mode where players are required to complete a series of goals in order to Progress in the Story line. You can download the sims kickass link and install the game step by step.

How to install Sims Game Of PC?

Installation Process is very easy, just need to understand the way of installation. You must have torrent software are before installation. It is necessary for this.
Downloading game file
After Downloading, Open Folder and Extract it
Play and Enjoy it
That’s it
follow these steps, if you have an problem you can ask inside the comment, section it try of solve you problem as seen possible.
System Requirement:
Operating System = Windows 7+8, Windows Vista, Windows Xp 32 and 64 Bit
Processor = Core i3
Ram = 1 GB
Hard Disk = 10 GB
Graphic Card = 512

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